Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Ghana Update - Embassy Taking More Processing Time Than Usual

As per the latest update, The Ghana High Commission nowadays is very strict in accepting the visa applications.
Each day while submission they request for new documents and once application submitted on the day of scheduled collection they ask for more documents delaying the visa stamping process.
We request you to kindly visit our Jetsave website for current documents list and send your documents accordingly,
Also the embassy is taking LONGER PROCESSING time than usual 04-05 Working days due to the change of staff at the visa section, Kindly inform your esteemed clients of the above information.
Please make a note of the above while sending us your Visa Applications for Ghana.

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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Romania Update - Embassy Submission Time Changed For Few Days This Week

As per the latest update received from Embassy of Romania, embassy has changed its submission time only for few days this week as below.
On the 24th, 25th & 27th of October 2016 Embassy shall be accepting applications between 14:00 Pm to 16:00 Pm only.
Therefore we advise to kindly inform your applicants who are scheduled to visit embassy for submissions.
Please make a note of the above while sending us your visa applications for Romania.

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Armenia Update -Instructions For Taking Visa Update From The Embassy

This is to inform you that The Embassy of The Republic of Armenia has issued certain important instructions which needs TO BE STRICTLY FOLLOWED by Agents & Applicants henceforth:
The embassy does not entertain telephonic enquires regarding visa procedure
The Embassy does not provide any status regarding visa application before the collection date
In case of rejection, the Embassy does not provide any  clarifications or comments
Hence, we request you to please inform all your applicants not to call the Embassy for visa queries or status queries or rejection reason etc.

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Algeria Update -All Documents Should Show Same Entry & Exit Dates From Algeria

This is to inform you that Embassy of the Peoples Democratic Republic of Algeria has made some important updates for the visa processing.  Kindly make a note of the same below to avoid any visa rejections or delay:
All documents should show SAME ENTRY & EXIT DATES from Algeria
In case there are any changes in the travel dates during the visa processing then NEW UPDATED FORM & HOTEL CONFIRMATION shall be required to be furnished as per ticket
Application forms should be updated with the CORRECT MOBILE NUMBER of the applicant&should be SIGNEDBY THE APPLICANTS themselves
Application form should be COMPLETELY FILLED without leaving any column blank.Any column which is not applicable requires to be completely filled as NOT APPLICABLE and NOT with an short form like N/A
Please make a note of the above while sending us your Visa Applications for ALGERIA.

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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Saudi Update - Delay In Visa Processing

Please note that The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia has been taking LONGER TIME TO PROCESS the visas currently.  Moreover, around 90% of the visa applications are getting returned by the Embassy. 
Basically Embassy is processing and stamping only those visas which have VISA ORDER with them FROM THE MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS IN SAUDI ADDRESSED TO NEW DELHI 
All other visa applications (i.e. without the Visa Order Slip) are being processed after long time as we have to attempt for their re-submission many times.
Hence, in order to ensure smooth and quick processing of your Saudi visas, we request you to kindly arrange the VISA ORDER SLIP from Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs SPECIFICALLY FOR NEW DELHI
For your reference we are attaching the sample of visa order, kindly CLICK HERE to download the same.
Kindly make a note of the above while sending your visa applications to us for Saudi Arabia.

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Friday, 21 October 2016

Holiday Update - China Embassy Closed on 24 - 25 October 2016

As per the received instruction from the China Embassy on the holidays declared, please note they are closed on 24th and 25th October 2016, therefore please plan your applicants travel accordingly: 

Please note that the Embassy may can declare or cancel the holidays without giving any prior notice

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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Holiday Update - Ghana Embassy Closed From 24th October 2016

As per latest update, Ghana High Commission will remain CLOSED ON 24th OCTOBER 2016
 Hence, there will be NO Submissions and Collection of visas for Ghana on 24th October 2016 (Monday)
Please make a note of the above while sending us your Visa Applications for Ghana.
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